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Sri Lanka Tours & Holidays

Holiday in Sri Lanka with CONCEPT TOURS

Our mission is to create that memorable experience every time! 

Experience Sri Lanka at its best, we will create your holiday, whether you yearn for a five star beach resort or a holiday packed with adventure, Concept Tours will offer excellent value for money deals for holidays and tours in Sri Lanka.

With over twenty five years of experience in the travel industry, Concept Tours possess the expert knowledge to bring you a truly remarkable Sri Lankan holiday experience.  Get in touch with our dedicated team to learn more about the fabulous holidays to Sri Lanka on offer at Concept Tours. Call 03 9546 7787, today!

Why holidays and tours to Sri Lanka with Concept Tours?

Everyone deserves a memorable holiday.  We at Concept Tours will fill every holiday with unforgettable moments that will be with you for many years.  Our dedicated holiday experts carefully handpick our Sri Lankan holiday programs to suit your exact needs. We believe every single holiday should be a remarkable and memorable experience.  With unique concepts and themes for all holidays to Sri Lanka, we at Concept Tours strive to provide an unforgettable holiday every time you are with us. So, when you’re looking for a fresh holiday concept, think no further than Concept Tours.  All our holidays and tours in Sri Lanka are designed with you in mind so you can stretch back and indulge on your well-deserved holiday.



Some of the experiences you’ll come across during your holiday in Sri Lanka: 

Picture yourself, lying on a golden sandy beach, beside rows of swaying palm trees, a warm breeze and the waves rolling in, the evening sun painting the sky a myriad of colours,   drive through narrow winding roads head up to the cooler hills covered in tea bushes, sip a variety of the famous cups of Ceylon tea, visit a tea factory while admiring the spectacular scenery then visit  a jungle to view Elephants, Leopards, wild boar, Deer and a variety of birdlife,  then climb a mountain where millions of butterflies gather or join an `eco` tour for an adventure, river rafting, trekking or a cycle tour, pay a visit to an Elephant orphanage and so much more like a walk amidst long lost ruins of civilisations thousands of years ago, marvel at magical rock carvings, and visit famous temples.

Looking forward to welcoming you to share some of our favourite holidays in Sri Lanka.

In addition to tours and holidays in Sri Lanka, we offer fabulous holidays to other parts of the world. From the vast plains of Africa to the evergreen rainforests in Asia, Concept Tours offer the perfect holiday package for everyone. We have a huge range of wonderful holiday concepts and themes for you to choose from.


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